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Volusion Fraud Score


Fraud Protection for Volusion Merchants

Unfortunately, fraudulent orders are a common experience for online retailers. It can be time-consuming and costly to detect fraud manually and often it can be too late. Luckily, Volusion offers fraud protection technology to help you detect the risk of an order as soon as the order is placed. If something goes wrong, you’ll be prepared.

What’s Included

    • Transaction details, including a geolocation analysis, IP and email risk assessment, and bank information checks
    • Data check to verify identity, street address, and IP, along with physical address comparison
    • Device tracking to identify devices that have been used in previous fraudulent transactions

Plan Level Options

    • Basic: 250 Monthly Transactions for $12.95/mo
    • Standard: 2,500 Monthly Transactions for $29.95/mo
    • Deluxe: 5,000 Monthly Transactions for $49.95/mo

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