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VersaFeed is a full-service data feed management firm that helps retailers list their inventory on popular shopping sites. VersaFeed manages the entire process and creates highly optimized data feeds directly from the merchant's website. This approach enables retailers to easily open up new sales channels. VersaFeed offers a discount for Volusion clients.

VersaFeed helps online retailers list their merchandise on popular shopping engines like Google Product Search,, Amazon, and others.

VersaFeed's technological advantage is that inventory information is pulled directly from retailers' web pages. This insures that no extra work is necessary from the retailer to begin listing inventory on a variety of new sales channels.

In addition, VersaFeed offers comprehensive support for all clients. VersaFeed can help guide retailers through the complications of shopping channels and complete custom optimization requests for merchants with special needs. VersaFeed's staff of engineers work night and day to insure client listings are prominent and profitable.

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