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UpSellit develops complex customer recovery campaigns with its suite of fully customizable abandonment solutions.

Abandonment Chat increases conversions 10-25% with a simulated live chat engine called SmartAgent®. Combining advanced abandonment detection with a sophisticated automated chat engine, UpSellit's Abandonment Chat solution increases conversions by resolving the reasons for abandonment.

UpSellit’s Email ReMarketing solution combines two lead recovery technologies with a real-time email platform to increase conversions 5-15%. UpSellit’s Exit Email Capture engages visitors at the moment of abandonment to collect an email address. If a visitor types their email address at any point during their visit, but abandons before submitting the information, UpSellit’s Datahound® technology automatically saves the lead and initiates a real-time email campaign. UpSellit’s Email ReMarketing platform delivers dynamic messages to boost conversions.