• Proactive chat allows you to configure advanced rules to send automated chat invitations to your most qualified website visitors with relevant and timely messaging.
  • Multi-channel offerings allow you to engage with your prospects and customers across channels and devices, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and more.
  • Robust CRM and Help Desk integrations provide seamless lead and customer management.
  • The SnapEngage Design Studio enables you to customize the look-and-feel of your chat experience to match your brand and website.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting give you the tools you need to monitor and optimize your engagement efforts.


SnapEngage’s fully-featured solution is the easiest way to connect, communicate and ultimately convert your website visitors into customers and friends.

But it’s not all about features and functions; we’re focused on delivering outcomes that have a powerful impact on your business. On average, SnapEngage clients experience better sales conversions, higher CSAT/NPS and lower cost-per-interaction after implementing SnapEngage.

Proactive chat features and routing rules allow you to send automated chat invitations to visitors and connect them with the most qualified members of your team, so sales can focus on selling and support can focus on supporting.

SnapEngage’s advanced reporting capabilities provide valuable insights to better understand your website visitors, measure customer satisfaction, assist with agent resource planning and help optimize your overall engagement strategy.


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