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Paladin bridges the gap between your online and brick-and-mortar stores by offering point of sale and inventory management services. It smoothly and automatically merges inventory management from ordering to sales for both virtual and physical storefronts saving time and money. Paladin and Volusion work hand-in-glove to provide a simple and cohesive way to record sales, manage stock on hand and automate most retail processes. Together, they also provide a seamless omni-channel experience for shoppers which can turn them into loyal customers. Paladin delivers a complete digital retail platform.

Features & Benefits Include:

    • Keep stock on hand levels up-to-date by merging online orders and in-store sales records.
    • Share or update product information, and add or remove items for both virtual and physical stores in one easy process.
    • Track online sales in Paladin, which creates invoices that include the customer name, purchased items, taxes, revenue and delivery information.
    • Customer accounts created for online sales are automatically associated with invoices in Paladin.
    • Merchandise items online that are not in your normal inventory through seamless integration with Paladin.

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