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Our fundraising platform helps growing businesses grow faster by raising cash for inventory production. Our programs are customized for each client to alight with production, sales, and cash-flows. Choose between our PO Financing Model or our Pay As You Sell Model, which enables you to raise funds to produce inventory and support all of your sales channels!

These programs can cost less with repeat use as you build credibility with the backer community. The Kickfurther community consists of high-net-worth individuals who you can interact and build relationships with beyond just fundraising on the website. You be able to support fast growth to meet demand instead of being limited by cash-on-hand. Additionally, our supply-chain expertise will also provide an analysis to identify efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities.

Features Include:

    • Competitive financing for consumer brands which can cost less each time you use it.
    • Allows you to scale fast enough to meet demand instead of being limited by cash-on-hand.
    • Supply-chain analysis to identify efficiencies and cost saving opportunities.
    • Partner with the well-established Kickfurther community consisting of high-net-worth individuals experienced in funding business growth.

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