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DataFeedWatch is a leading Feed Management Solution that combines Data Transformation with Help & Advice, empowering Merchants and Agencies to succeed on 2,000+ ecommerce channels like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. The company operates in 60+ countries on 5 continents and is regarded as the most intuitive solution in the market. Create complex rules for your shopping feeds with ease, and have peace of mind knowing your feeds are fine-tuned and always up-to-date. You can also gain important insights into your campaign performances by comparing how your channels, channel products, and shop products are doing.

Optimize Your Paid Channel Advertising Operations and Grow Results:

    • Limitless Data Transformation: optimize all feed elements with an advanced data transformation engine: enhance product titles, conduct A/B tests, optimize product descriptions, add missing data, and create complex rules for shopping feeds with ease. 
    • Master Feed for Multichannel Listing: reduce time spent on feed creation, and roll out global changes at speed. Manage feeds for multiple channels through one master template. 
    • Keeping Inventory In Check: control product distribution per channel with custom filters. Exclude unavailable products, pause low in stock items, and much more.
    • Manage on Parent or Variant Level: optimize the size of your catalog by merging variations into one. Or, get granular by generating child products out of a parent SKU.
    • Level Up Business Intelligence: run your advertising operations on richer data and industry insights thanks to data source merging, built-in analytics, and competitive price monitoring.

DataFeedWatch Helps Retailers and Digital Agencies Grow:

    • Price Watch: monitor competitors with the same product offering and price fluctuations in the market
    • Search Automation: automatically create Google Search Ads for each item in your catalog. Your product feed will be converted to highly relevant ads corresponding to high-intent search queries
    • Product-level analytics: track conversions for each product on every channel you’re advertising on to spot quick-wins opportunities
    • Marketplace integrations: easily list products on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Bol, Rakuten, & more

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