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Bongo International provides the fastest growing global solution that eliminates challenges typically associated with processing international orders. Our applications have been successfully implemented on a number of Volusion websites. Bongo provides fraud screening, customs compliance, paperwork, and international customer service to merchants interested in communicating and selling to international consumers. To date Bongo has helped over 1200 U.S. websites expand their businesses worldwide, providing an increase in online revenue without making any major investments or changes to their day to day operations.

Bongo Extend

Extend 2.0 is a powerful application that serves as an extension of your Volusion shopping cart. By extending a US Mailing Address to your international visitors, Bongo converts international consumers into fraud-free domestic orders. Extend can be customized to match the layout of your site, providing international customers with a smooth buying experience. Powered by a customizable script, Extend is a simple copy and paste effort. If you aren't comfortable editing HTML pages, Bongo is happy to schedule a free implementation. New add-on features with Extend 2.0 include:

  • Geolocation
  • Website Translation
  • Currency Conversion
  • Duty/Tax Estimation

Bongo Checkout

Bongo Checkout is a secure international checkout process, easily integrated into your current Volusion checkout page. Order content transfers securely, enabling your business to reach international customers through your existing Volusion shopping cart. We pay you, the merchant, in US dollars, with a 100% guarantee against fraud. Increase international conversions further by leveraging Bongo's highly discounted shipping rates. A localized checkout provides a better customer experience by displaying your checkout information in:

  • 16 Languages
  • 187 Currencies
  • 90 Native Payment Options

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