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Add Q&A to your product pages to answer your customers' questions, increase sales conversions, and attract new search engine traffic to your online store. Your customers can ask pre-sales questions easily on your product pages, and Answerbase will answer previously asked questions immediately while new questions are answered by qualified staff, saving you time and increasing your sales conversion rates. Answerbase also indexes all of your product questions, which will draw new search engine traffic to your store. Shoppers asking similar questions on search engines about products that you sell are led to your Q&A content, allowing them to see the answers and purchase the product from you. This provides you with brand new customers and increases sales. Install Answerbase in just a few minutes today.

Features Include:

    • Allow customers to ask questions on your product pages
    • Common questions are answered automatically, allowing your customers to go ahead with their purchase immediately
    • Increases search engine traffic to your store
    • Installs in just a few minutes on your store
    • 30 day free trial on all plans

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