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June 30, 2021

Understanding the Effect of Web Performance for Ecommerce Success


As a business owner, you know all about the importance of speed. The faster you can resolve problems, provide customer service, ship a product, or process payment, the better. But are you aware of how critical the speed of your website is to your business?

The consequences of a slow site are real. 90% of consumers say that they have left an ecommerce site because it did not load in the time expected. And the expected time is fast—two seconds is considered the acceptable benchmark for an ecommerce website loading time. Despite its significance, website speed is a frequently overlooked contributor to business success. Even as your ecommerce business expands, poor website performance will undermine your growth. Prioritizing speed is mandatory—it’s a crucial way to outpace the competition.

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Understanding the Importance of Website Performance for Ecommerce Success

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