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January 23, 2022

The ROI of Best-in-Class Marketing & Design Strategies in Ecommerce

Aberdeen Research & Strategy recently released a report stating that investing in expert marketing assistance and design services can have a positive impact on ROI for ecommerce businesses.

Companies that prioritize incorporating professional marketing and design strategies on average enjoy 3.1x greater improvement in customer retention annually, as well as:

  • 3.1x greater annual improvement in customer retention
  • 1.8x greater decrease in average sales cycle
  • 1.7x greater annual improvement in overall sales team attainment of quota
  • 1.4x greater annual improvement in customer satisfaction
  • 1.3x greater annual improvement in return on marketing investments (ROI)

There are multiple actions online businesses can take to ensure that their marketing and design strategies are as fruitful as possible. Below, Aberdeen has compiled a checklist to keep in mind when optimizing your future plans:

  • Invet in a comprehensive marketing tech stack
  • Implement analytics and reporting to gain insights into today's empowered consumers
  • Design helpful and accessible support features
  • Develop playbooks derived from SEO insights
  • Leverage social media monitoring for innovative initiatives
  • Establish continuous improvement processes
  • Consider working with a services partner to support marketing and design strategies

Read the full report below:

The ROI of Best-in-Class Marketing and Design Strategies for Ecommerce

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