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July 9, 2019

The 15 Best Cities for Startups


Many people dream of starting their own business in search of a better future. But entrepreneurship isn't only good for individuals: the employment, wages, and revenue generated by new businesses are essential for a city's economic growth.

In the US, 99.9% of all firms are categorized as small businesses, which have fewer than 500 employees. Small businesses that are under two years old are commonly referred to as "startups." Some of the major tech startups from the late 2000s, such as Uber and Beyond Meat, have grown into multinational public companies. Introduction

While some startups garner massive success over time, others fail to achieve scale. Choosing a city with a favorable business environment can help your startup attract better talent, have better access to funding, and pay less in taxes & operations costs. For startups, choosing a favorable place to do business can mean the difference between surviving the past the startup stage—or not.

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The 15 Best Cities for Startups

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