Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

Selling an item in person is a lot easier than selling an item online. If a customer walks into your store, he or she can gauge the size and usefulness of your product in person. That customer can also weigh how much they trust you by getting to know you and your store.

If you are selling online, you must create pages that allow your customers to “see, feel and use” your products while sitting at their computer. What information does a customer not have because they cannot see your product in person? You can’t guarantee that your customer will contact you with questions, so it is important to use your product descriptions to answer anything he or she would need to know when viewing your products.

Here are just some of the questions you can effectively answer with product descriptions:

1.) What are the exact dimensions of this product? You might assume your customer knows how big your items are, but unless you have pictures that put them into proportion (like a picture next to a coin or another item that people are familiar with), you are leaving them in the dark. Take the time to take measurements of your products and include these dimensions in your descriptions.

2.) How is your product different or better than those of the competition? Does it have more features? What are these features? Is it the same product for less money?

3.) How and when can your product be used?

4.) What is your product made of? How does this differ from other similar products?

5.) Are there any specific user instructions?

6.) Is there a warranty or guarantee on this product?

The questions your customers ask obviously varies according to your industry. Keeping track of the questions that people call and ask you is good practice. If two people call you with the same question, chances are there are many more who asked the same question while looking at that item but chose to go to another site for answers. Rather than squander these sales, use your product descriptions to keep these customers on your site.

Not sure how to change your product descriptions? Learn how by watching this video on writing product descriptions, and allow this text to be searchable by following this knowledge base article on including your ecommerce writing in your internal search. You can also learn to improve your website conversion by taking effective product photos.


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  1. eCommerce Web Designer

    This is a great article. I think ecommerce designers tend to place too little emphasis on good, well-written product descriptions. They focus on a nice design, a glossy image, but only include a few irrelevant words. Many times, I’ve decided against buying something because of a weak description, even though the photo has been enticing. In situations like that, I feel that companies should invest in a good copywriter to give some enticing words to convert the sale.


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