Watch the Webinar | Time Saving SEO Tips for Online Stores

Watch our ecommerce marketing experts as they share proven SEO techniques to improve your campaigns while saving you precious time and energy.


Download the slides to get access to clickable links or follow along below:

2 Responses to “Watch the Webinar | Time Saving SEO Tips for Online Stores”

  1. Carol

    HI – thanks for all the info on SEO, its great. One question – you mention how having a blog with links to your site can be helpful..but volusion does not offer a blog that stays on your website – for instance, i have a blog with wordpress, but you have to be directed off of my website – which I have heard will not help your SEO.

    • Anjuli Desai

      Hi Carol! If you’re hosting a blog on WordPress, Blogger or another blogging platform, you can help boost your site’s SEO by keeping the blog as closely tied to your site as possible via a subdomain. This will allow you to keep all your original posts on your offsite blog, and you’ll still be able to log in and use the functionality of your original blogging platform. However, the domain shown will now take the form Let’s say, for example, that your eCommerce store’s URL is, and your offsite blog’s URL is Through URL mapping, you can tie your blog to your site and the new URL will be Your blog will now be considered a subdomain of, and much of the SEO value the blog accrues will be passed along to the site. It’s also a much better navigational experience! For information on how to route your blog’s URL information and set up a subdomain, check out this article on our Support pages:


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