Want to Get More Done and Increase Online Business? Start Project, Finish Project, then Repeat

Apparently if you can finish reading this blog article start to finish, you will get more done in the day. According to a study done by the American Psychological Association, the often heralded act of multi-tasking actually ends up costing us time instead of saving it.

David Meyer, a researcher at the University of Michigan, explains how this process works. “Whether people toggle between browsing the Web and using other computer programs, talk on cell phones while driving, pilot jumbo jets or monitor air traffic, they’re using their ‘executive control’ processes — the mental CEO — found to be associated with the brain’s prefrontal cortex and other key neural regions such as the parietal cortex. These interrelated cognitive processes establish priorities among tasks and allocate the mind’s resources to them. For each aspect of human performance — perceiving, thinking and acting — people have specific mental resources whose effective use requires supervision through executive mental control,” says Meyer.

Meyer did a study with Joshua Rubinstein of the Federal Aviation Administration and Jeffery Evans of the University of Michigan to monitor how the brain performs when multi-tasking. According to the study, “subjects lost time when they had to switch from one task to another, and time costs increased with the complexity of the tasks, so it took significantly longer to switch between more complex tasks. Time costs also were greater when subjects switched to tasks that were relatively unfamiliar. They got ‘up to speed’ faster when they switched to tasks they knew better, an observation that may lead to interfaces designed to help overcome people’s innate cognitive limitations.”

Do you answer emails, chat with suppliers, track your profits on Quickbooks, and watch the news all at the same time? Give your brain a break by tuning into one project at a time. You’ll find you will have accomplished a lot more at the end of your workday and will increase online business too.

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2 Responses to “Want to Get More Done and Increase Online Business? Start Project, Finish Project, then Repeat”

  1. Phil Ellis

    Michelle, very good article. It seems that being in the online business tends to force us into the multi-tasking” mode every minute of the day. For me, this just doesn’t work. I have to force myself to concentrate on a single task and get it finished before moving on to others. Thanks again.

    Phil Ellis

  2. Jestep

    One thing that I have found to be completely true is how much multi tasking can kill productivity. Personally, When you are trying to do many different things at the same time, it takes longer to get all of them done and the results are generally less desirable than when devoting everything to a single task. We all get the idea that if we can do ten things at once, we get more done. But, in the end we get a bunch of half-a**’s results and it takes longer.

    I think it’s best to work on one thing at a time. Put your full attention and best effort into it. If you need more time, then stop doing it and finish it later. But working this way produces better quality results, and things do actually get finished.


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