Volusioneers Take a (Sort of) Summer Cruise

Thanks to Volusion customer, PartyCheap.com, we had a chance to take a luxurious cruise indoors! Check out the pictures from our version of a summer vacation.

With the amount of work we’ve been putting in lately, some well-deserved R&R was in order.

What better way to take a quick break than going on a cruise?

Only problem is that there’s not a ton of water around Austin and we’ve had average temperatures of 104 degrees this summer – so we decided to bring the cruise ship inside with the help of Volusion customer, PartyCheap.com.

On top of shuffleboard, ice sculptures, awesome food and a seaside view, we had a blast before returning to our desks to beef up our product and support your business.

Check out the pictures below, and special thanks to PartyCheap.com for the awesome goodies!

Volusion Captain Stubbs

Shuffleboard on the Volusion cruise

life raft









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  1. Mike

    Awesome use of the ocean backdrop decorations! I especially like the improvised “Oh No! Help!” addition.


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