Volusion Writes the Book on Ecommerce

We’ve created the ultimate beginner’s guide to launching a successful online store. Check out what’s included in our book, “Ecommerce for Dummies, Volusion Special Edition,” and see how you can get your hands on a copy of your own.

You’re no dummy, but it never hurts to have a helping hand when getting started in ecommerce.

That’s why we’ve written the book on ecommerce (literally) for your education and entertainment. This authoritative 68-page guide walks even the most non-technical entrepreneur through each step of building and growing a successful online store – from finding and choosing products to web design and online marketing. Tons of expert tips explain how to perform the most common ecommerce tasks faster, better and/or less expensive than ever before.

Here’s a quick glimpse at what you’ll learn:

  • Chapter 1: Selling Online: Choosing What to Sell and for How Much
    • Learn how to best decide what products to sell and key pricing strategies
  • Chapter 2: Selecting a Domain Name for Your Online Store
    • Get the rundown on how to register the best web address for your new site
  • Chapter 3: Choosing a Solution/Platform
    • Hosted, licensed, open source, oh my! See the pros and cons to find the perfect fit.
  • Chapter 4: Designing Your Store
    • You’ll receive a crash course on web design and branding
  • Chapter 5: Crafting Product Listings That Sell
    • See how to effectively add products that sell themselves to online shoppers
  • Chapter 6: Shipping, Payments, Security and Returns
    • Take a dive into the nuts and bolts of your ecommerce operations
  • Chapter 7: Marketing Your Store and Products
    • From SEO to PPC and more, you’ll learn how to share your store with millions
  • Chapter 8: Focusing on Customer Service
    • Take your online presence to the next level with these tips to stellar service

Even more, you’ll get 10 major ecommerce do’s and don’ts to keep your business headed in the right direction, all while avoiding major mistakes that could hold you back. Trust us – you can’t afford to not read this go-to guide.

Fortunately, we’re offering a limited quantity of copies for easy download!

Simply visit http://pages.volusion.com/ecommerce-for-dummies.html to get your soft copy now.

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  1. Jure

    Interesting ebook. Contains good info for opening an online store. Another good ebook, for opening an online store and ecommerce business, is “The ABC’s of Ecommerce and Dropshipping Success.”

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  3. Jorge Martinez

    Please send me a copy, i’m thinking of starting an E commerce business soon, I could really use the help, Thank you!

  4. Thomas Martin

    Thanks for the guide!

  5. Himanshu

    Please send me your book…

  6. Lateesha

    Thank you so much for this book!


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