Volusion Welcomes Kole Imports, International Checkout and Spring Metrics to Growing Partner Network

Looking to expand your online store? Look no further than the latest additions to our Partner Network: Kole Imports, International Checkout and Spring Metrics.


No man (or woman) is an island, and neither is your ecommerce site.

That’s why we’re constantly looking for the latest tools and integrations to help expand the size and scale of your Volusion store. To learn more about the latest round of additions to our Partner Network, check out the skinny on Kole Imports, International Checkout and Spring Metrics.


Kole Imports

Need to expand your product offering, or just need some products to sell online? If so, take a look at Kole Imports, a drop shipping partner that sells over 7000 items across 40+ categories. This provider serves as a wholesaler, which makes it a bit different than other standard drop shippers, as it fills a growing niche of ecommerce shoppers looking for wholesale merchandise.

By using your store’s import/export functionality, you can easily list their items for sale on your website. Once a customer places an order, Kole Imports will ship the product directly to your customer. With a 99.9% fulfillment rate and easy tracking of all orders, Kole Imports stands out as a great contender to fulfill your Volusion drop shipping needs.

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International Checkout

Taking your business onto the global stage has never been easier. With International Checkout, you can accept and fulfill international orders from more than 250 countries just like any other US sale. To make this type of global expansion less worrisome, International Checkout offers a 100% Fraud Free Guarantee on every order, regardless of order amount or destination.

This integration provides a seamless checkout experience for your international customers, featuring an iFrame integration that appears directly onto your Volusion site. Once the order is placed, International Checkout takes full responsibility of the potentially cumbersome tasks of international logistics, customs compliance and customer service on every order. As ecommerce continues to expand across the globe, so does your opportunity to capitalize on selling into new markets, all made easier with International Checkout.

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Spring Metrics

When it comes to increasing conversions, segmentation and incentives are increasingly powerful tools. Thanks to Spring Metrics, you can get the best of both worlds by creating targeted, real-time offers for the visitors you most want to attract. By using behavioral targeting, you have over 20 different primary conditions to help segment your traffic and provide the most appealing offer possible.

For example, you could offer a 10% discount to repeat visitors who’ve never made a purchase, or you could offer free shipping to first-time customers arriving via organic search. Implementing this tool couldn’t be easier, installing in less than ten minutes. Even more, you can try it free for 14 days without obligation.

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Keep an eye out as we continue to recruit the best integrations and add-ons for your Volusion store. To see all of our partners, be sure to check out the entirety of the Volusion Partner Network.

2 Responses to “Volusion Welcomes Kole Imports, International Checkout and Spring Metrics to Growing Partner Network”

  1. Patrick

    We tried the spring metrics trial. This application has much potential. Unfortunately it is not there yet.

    It has an easy installation by just pasting a script in your body of your website. And delivers the slide out as promised for the data inputed. The dashboard shows a very extensive list of data. And daily emails for progress. It also allows A/B testing to measure the metrics of sales with a targetted ad shown versus not shown.

    The problem is the data is skewed and useless. Of a course a customer who lands on your site with intent of a purchase is going to use any additional coupon offered. We found no evidence the app increases conversion rates. It is simply offering lower profit margins on your transactions. We contacted every customer that used the code and was a new customer by phone or email and polled them on influence of the code. The results were underwhelming. The coupons was not the deciding factor in any sale we had with the app.

    We also found the data collected to be wrong. Geographical profiling was a complete miss and a campaign we used to target Toronto was triggering from coast to coast. We can call the plus/minus 3000KM. It also failed to correctly identify new customers from returning. This can be easily corrected by allowing a upload of customer IP’s.

    We expressed our concerns with the telephone support they offered. Understandably they pointed out things like the dashboard showing increased sales with coupons and IP’s change. There was a strong push to issue more coupons then our target sample so the skewed data would show more ROI. It is false ROI and actually just shaving your profit margin. I recommend to very strongly think through any aggressive campaign with this app until they fix these core issues.

    If they fixed the geographical location issue and find a way to correctly identify new/used this would be an extremely useful tool. As it is this app does nothing but mislead the results and shave profits.

    • Matt Winn

      Hi Patrick, thanks for the note – we’ll have someone from our Business Development team reach out to you personally to learn more about what you’re experiencing and receive more detailed feedback. Thanks!


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