Volusion Welcomes buySAFE, Rejoiner and Yotpo into Partner Network

We’ve expanded our partner network yet again to bring you an even more versatile ecommerce experience. Read on to learn more about these three partnerships and how they can help enhance your ecommerce experience.

When it comes to giving you more options for your online business, we’re all about collaboration. That’s why we’re excited to further expand our already popular partner network, full of best-in-class companies to help grow your business power. From boosting customer confidence to recovering abandoned carts and improving customer reviews, these partners have it all.

Without further ado, we’d like you to meet the latest members of our distinguished Volusion Partner Network:


buySAFE enables you, along with thousands of other online merchants, to provide a Guaranteed Shopping program that’s designed to increase profits and customer satisfaction. When buySAFE is displayed throughout the buying process, you’ll reduce several major concerns: identity theft, getting a good price, timely delivery and product authenticity. Their unique solution offers the “buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee” to provide your customers with: $10,000 ID theft protection, a $1,000 purchase guarantee and a $100 lowest price guarantee.

Tackle the issue of online buyer confidence today by starting with buySAFE’s 30-day free trial.



No matter what you’re selling, abandoned carts are a thorn in your ecommerce paw. Enter Rejoiner, which serves as the easiest way for you to turn abandoned carts into customers. This platform works by tracking shoppers who’ve abandoned their carts after beginning the checkout process. Once identified, Rejoiner sends a set of emails designed to re-engage the customer. This method is a proven way to recover lost sales from abandoned carts, and is a great way to increase profits without spending a fortune.

Sign up and integration takes just about 10 minutes – get started with Rejoiner now.



We all know that customer reviews are important, but imagine their power when you take them to an entirely new social level. This is what Yotpo is all about, providing a fun and simple process for your shoppers to read and write reviews. The Yotpo platform moves beyond traditional reviews, providing your customers with a fully transparent experience in which they can see the real social identity of those who wrote previous reviews, along with their level of expertise. Beyond that, you’ll also get other free features and helpful SEO tools.

Yotpo implementation is a simple plug and play experience – sign up with Yotpo today.


We’ve got big plans to continue growing our partnerships throughout 2013 and beyond. Stay tuned for more announcements to come!

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