Volusion Visits Covillow

We recently had the chance to visit the offices of Austin-based customer, Covillow. Keep reading for the scoop on this new and growing business.


Covillow was started by mompreneur Candice Boehm about one year ago after her she grew frustrated by the lack of public amenities for breastfeeding mothers. After an experience at Sea World, when she couldn’t find a private space to breastfeed her newly born son, she began thinking of ideas to ease her plight and help other mothers. Shortly after her visit, Candice bought fabric and a pillow to create the very first Covillow. This unique product combines a breastfeeding pillow and breastfeeding cover that mothers can confidently use in public with the same privacy and comfort they feel in their own homes. Since the first model, Candice has grown her product substantially by incorporating stylish colors while increasing the comfort with the help of friends and focus groups. Candice admitted to a rule of only hiring other breastfeeding mothers to test and design her product, as they’re most representative of her customers.

Anjuli and Candice in front of the Volusion Van

Candice discovered Volusion in 2010 when starting her business, and has seen rapid growth over her first year of operations. She has found great success with our Facebook store integration and loves that she can call our 24×7 support at any time with questions. We showed our appreciation to Candice with a visit in the Volusion Van to give her and her staff our signature SWAG and tons of baked goodies.

Molly and Candice pose with the Covillow

With an original and valuable product and a dedicated mompreneur behind it all, Covillow is a business on the rise. We’re honored to power Candice’s online store, and look forward to many successful years ahead!

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Happy selling!
Anjuli Desai, Marketing Associate, Volusion


Anjuli Desai is a Marketing Specialist at Volusion, where she manages the Volusion webinar program and writes content for the blog and website. In her free time, Anjuli enjoys exploring her creativity through design and photography, reading and making friends with every dog she meets.

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