Volusion Sponsors BarCamp Austin 3

If you wanted to attend an event where you could meet the guys who invented Twitter, visit a SEO round table discussion, participate in an iPhone SDK Dev Camp, watch a 340 lb. battlebot in action, and go crazy with Karaoke Apocalypse and a giant unicorn, then BarCamp Austin III was the place to be.Volusion helped sponsor BarCamp Austin III, an “unconference” held on March 8th at GSD&M Idea City. BarCamps occur all over the world and are user generated conferences, meaning attendees can choose to present their ideas as well as help plan the event. The first BarCamp occurred in 2005 and was started by Tantek Celik, the chief technologist behind Technorati and proponent of microformats, as a spin-off of the invite-only event FooCamp.

BarCamp Austin III was free to all attendees, who ranged from advanced developers, journalists, marketers, to even kids. Discussion sessions occurred in the early afternoon through around 5:00, and were shortly followed by the Battlebot and a performance by the band Soulhat. Attendees uploaded photos of the event to a pool on the photo sharing website Flickr.

Interested in attending/sponsoring/participating in a BarCamp in your area? Check out the BarCamp wiki.

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