Volusion Pick Ticket Feature – Your Warehouses’ Dream Come True

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This post explains a new feature in our Winter ‘09 software release, Pick Ticket. This addition to the Volusion shopping cart software allows those in your warehouse to easily locate inventory prior to shipping, saving your business time and money.

Have you ever been in a warehouse? The environment can be overwhelming, especially when you look up and see the huge assortment of products crammed into hundreds of rows, columns, shelves and bins.

Just think if your online store sells home improvement parts and a customer places an order for three of the tiniest bolts imaginable. Wouldn’t it be great if the warehouse workers could take a quick look at the packing slip and see exactly where these bolts are located instead of sorting through dozens of bins?

With Volusion’s latest Winter ’09 shopping cart software release, you can easily handle this issue to streamline several business processes. Our pick ticket feature allows you to identify the location of any and all of your products within a warehouse.

To get started, simply pull up your products in the “Inventory” section of your Volusion admin and fill in the following information, if applicable. All of this data will automatically display on the packing slip each time the product is ordered:

  • WarehouseLocation: Enter text into this field to assign a name for a possible warehouse location for a product. Example: “1223 Baker St.”
  • WarehouseAisle: Here, you can assign a name for a possible aisle location a product may be housed within a warehouse facility. Example: “Aisle J”
  • WarehouseBin: Narrow it down even further by assigning a name for a possible bin location a product may be stored in the warehouse. Example: “Bin # 23”
  • WarehouseCustom: Need more information to make things even easier? You can do that here by adding special notes or instructions. Example: “Large product – use pallet lifter!”


And voila! Your warehouse workers have it made. More importantly, you can get more orders out the door, faster. Make sure to take advantage of this feature, along with all of the exciting additions brought to you by Winter ’09. For a glimpse into the newest release, take a look here.

Happy Selling!

-Matt Winn, Marketing Associate

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