Volusion Named Top Workplace in Austin for Second Consecutive Year

After surveying our growing team of Volusioneers, the Austin American Statesman has named us as a
Top Workplace in Austin, thanks to our thriving culture and dedication to innovative success.

Volusion Names Top Workplace in Austin

Our core values tell us to “Have fun and kick butt,” which has laid a solid foundation for a blossoming culture that allows our team to express themselves while driving positive change for our organization.

That’s why we’re particularly excited to announce that we’ve been named as a Top Workplace in Austin for the second consecutive year – a true testament to the collaborative effort that makes Volusion headquarters a fantastic place to work.

Whether it’s a Halloween bash, a surprise shipment of cookies or just getting to know each other over our amazing coffee bar, Volusion is a place that embraces the human element. After all, we know that people are more powerful than technology.

To see the formal announcement, including fun pictures and facts about Volusion, check out this page on the Austin American Statesman website.

What Employees Say About Working at Volusion

Steering the culture ship for our growing team is our hardworking HR department, who organizes all of our internal events while providing exceptional employee support and resources. Leading this team is Director of Human Resources, Sandra Nguyen, who kindly took time out of her busy day to provide the following insights from this Q&A:

How would you describe Volusion’s culture?

The best way to sum up our culture is through our core values – every Volusioneer really lives by them, and it has maintained and shaped our culture into what it is today. We “deliver WOW experiences” every chance we get – from our Support team to our internal IT team. We’re encouraged to “innovate and embrace change.” We “keep it simple, and get it done.” We care for each other and “rock the golden rule” by coming together as a team for various community events. And most importantly, we “have fun and kick butt!”

What about Volusion makes it a Top Workplace?

We’re honored to be among the Top Workplaces in Austin. I feel that we’re a Top Workplace because we genuinely take the time to listen to our employees. We value each and everyone’s feedback from our Happy Survey. For example, we felt that there were some opportunities to be made with our Holidays – instead of designating additional mandatory Holidays, we recognized that we have a diverse group of Volusioneers, and therefore granted additional two Floaters per year for them to select which Holidays they want to take off.  Opportunities like this to improve our environment are what make us a Top Workplace.

What do you do as a leader to cultivate this type of culture?

I’m privileged to work with such amazing talent every day, and our leadership team does a great job of cultivating each team’s unique culture as well – I see it in everything they do. From Sales and their bobbleheads, Customer Experience’s themed days and quirky events held throughout the office. Although each team has its own uniqueness and personality, it all ties back into Volusion’s overall culture, which makes us the way we are.

What is your favorite Volusion tradition?

Can I pick two? Picking just one is so difficult because we have so many great traditions! I would say my favorite tradition would be our Thanksgiving Feast – it’s a day where we all reflect on so many things that we’re thankful here at Volusion, not to mention the fabulous Thanksgiving meal we feast upon all day. I think everyone wears elastic pants on that day. It also kicks off our “Adopt a Family” teams and everyone gets excited about that.

My second favorite tradition would have to be our Texas Independence Day Celebration – we feast on BBQ and bring in a huge cake the shape of Texas. It’s also Kevin’s birthday, so it’s a great day of celebration had by all!

How have you seen Volusion’s culture transform as the company has grown so much?

I’m truly proud to say that our culture hasn’t changed much as we continue to grow. When I reflect on when we only had about 50 employees, and now know we’re close to 250, there’s still that same excitement and buzz as when we were smaller. In sum, our core values help us maintain who we are.

Congratulations to the HR team and to all of our wonderful customers who make this a possibility – without you, we wouldn’t have a reason to enjoy our jobs so much!


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