Volusion Makes Mobile Commerce a Reality for Thousands of Online Storeowners

Volusion is proud to announce the beta release of our latest feature that will revolutionize the way you sell online. With Volusion mCommerce, you’ll have an optimized version of your online store so customers can conveniently shop on their smartphone.



We’ve got some VERY exciting news for you. As we’re all learning, the importance of mobile commerce (mCommerce) is quickly rising. More and more of your customers are buying directly from their smartphones. In fact, mcommerce is expected to double growth this year to hit $1.6 billion in revenue. In line with our dedication to innovation and your online success, we’re thrilled to announce the beta release of our latest feature, Volusion mCommerce.

Volusion Mobile Commerce Solution (mCommerce) addresses a key desire for an integrated shopping experience for your customers while they’re on the go. This exciting new feature allows shoppers to easily browse and research products through a mobile-optimized version of your online store. Better yet, this feature will be completely FREE to all customers, regardless of which plan you’re on. We know that the growth of mobile is important to everyone, no matter how big your business is.


Our director of marketing, Michael Roehricht, summarizes the move:

“Volusion’s core business is an all-in-one ecommerce solution, and mobile commerce is an important avenue to address as more and more transactions are completed on the go. Volusion is embracing this paradigm shift of desktop computing to mobile computing and is innovating towards a more seamless ecommerce experience for all of our merchants and their customers.”


Once the feature is fully released, all you’ll need to do is enable a setting in your store admin for the optimized version to work with mobile browsers. Shoppers who navigate to your site using an iPhone will automatically have access to the mobile-optimized version of your site. Volusion mCommerce is currently optimized for the world’s most popular device, the iPhone. We’re continually working on broadening the feature to work with additional Internet-enabled smartphones in the near future.


Pretty exciting stuff! We began a small beta test on March 1 and received the following feedback from online storeowners who participated:

  • Andrea Bridges of repeatpossesions.com: “Volusion mCommerce allows my customers to view my site in a convenient, snapshot version. As we can see from the rise of Twitter and other social media platforms, society is realizing that time and space is limited and people are expecting the kind of simplified interface Volusion is providing. mCommerce will definitely help my customers and provide me with a revenue boost.”
  • Blair Rhodes of thepashminastore.com: “With mobile-optimized Volusion store, customers can enjoy an effective shopping experience when and where they wish. As amazing as the transformation from shopping at the mall to shopping on the computer was, the transformation to mobile shopping will be even more dramatic.”
  • Andy Humphrey of EcoMowers.com: “Thanks to Volusion mCommerce, my customers will be able to buy as soon as they have a need for a product. This is a huge advantage for my company since it removes all obstacles to purchasing and expands potential sales opportunities to anywhere, anytime.”


Want to participate in this exciting new chapter of e-tailing? Sign up to be a beta tester. But hurry, there’s only 100 spots! Just log into my.volusion.com and create a support ticket with the words “Mobile Beta” in the subject line. In the body of the ticket, include which domain you wish to use. Once we confirm your request, we’ll send you instructions about the beta process.

We’re proud to continue leading the industry in providing the most innovative and simple tools to help you succeed online. We look forward to extending this new feature to you in the near future.


Happy (and mobile) selling!


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