Volusion Mixer Follow-Up

Volusion Mixer Gets Started

Three days ago Volusion hosted its first ever recruitment mixer. Attendants were screened based on compatibility with current job postings and strength of resume. The result was a gathering of some of Austin’s brightest and most accomplished individuals.

Attendants got one-on-one time with managers and directors in their prospective departments, as well as the opportunity to meet other members of the Volusion team in a comfortable social setting.

Volusion Mixer Interviews

The event conveyed the unique and relaxed Volusion culture in every aspect- from the wide spread availability of munchies, down to the monster themed interview tables (which matched the names of our conference rooms at our Texas location)!

From the feedback we’ve gotten, it seems everyone had a great time!

Volusion Mixer Staff

We’d like to thank everyone who attended, especially our hard-working HR and administrative staff who were responsible for planning such a great evening!

4 Responses to “Volusion Mixer Follow-Up”

  1. m whitney

    good event, well done! looking forward to speaking with the team again soon. (and happy 10th birthday, too!)

  2. Kate

    Thank you Krista! That’s great to hear!

  3. Krista Weirman

    Thought the event was terrific. Very nice way to meet the company… get a feel for the energy. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Hope to talk with you again soon.

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