Google Analytics: Analyzing Visitor Behavior to Increase Conversions

“Write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher-converting websites.” And, it’s “absolutely free”.* Google Analytics OverviewGoogle Analytics

At no charge, Google Analytics allows online business owners of all sizes and across all levels to gather crucial information on the behavior of visitors on their site. Learn how visitors found your online store, how they navigate through it once they’re on it, and most importantly- how those visitors become customers (or why they decide not to). With the ability to create over 80 different reports, site owners can examine these behaviors to improve their overall site’s look and functionality, as well as improving online marketing efforts. Google Analytics can be used to track clicks, conversion rates, ecommerce transactions and more. Heat maps show detailed information on where your best customers live, helping to begin or improve any local or offline campaigns. With Analytics content optimization tools you can learn how to optimize your landing pages and overall navigation, and your site’s design and layout on a page-by-page basis. Funnel reports give information as to what percentage of people completed steps within the checkout process, and where these visitors go if they decide to not complete a purchase. Automated help and tips are also available within each report.

About Google Analytics Google Analytics and AdWords Google Analytics integrates fully with a user’s AdWords account. Once integrated, you’ll be able to see how each campaign, ad group and keyword performs and affects conversions on your site. If you have an AdWords account, you can signup for Analytics by simply clicking on the Analytics tab from the admin area. Google Analytics works with AdWords to track cost and conversion data, giving users the information needed to better their ad text and keywords to help increase conversion rates. Google Adwords Linking Google Analytics to Your AdWords Account Google Analytics Features Overview Google Analytics Product Tour Video Google Analytics Features Google Analytics Installation for Volusion Clients Google Analytics Integration for Version 5 Google Analytics Help and Support Google Analytics Help Center Google Analytics Help Forum Google Analytics Tips and Training Conversion University Learn about marketing and content optimization and read web analytics tips from industry experts at Conversion University, the Google Analytics companion site. Includes tips on driving traffic, converting visitors, tracking and testing, and analytics in context. Google Analytics Blog The latest news, tips, and resources straight from the Google Analytics team. Google Analytics YouTube Videos Full-length presentations on advanced analytics implementation, best practices, how to create a data driven culture and more. Google Analytics and Urchin Software Urchin software is another analytics tool, free to use for your site. It differs from Google in that is uses different codes, and tracks visitors in different ways. Google Analytics and Urchin Software Urchin 5 Web Analytics Software Happy Selling! -Stacie Leonard, Volusion * Google Analytics Homepage

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  1. Michael S

    It’s great to see you offer Urchin for free.

    If I move a store to Volusion, can you also install my Urchin archive so that my analytics, over the years, remain intact?

    Thank you.


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