Andy Keeler Uses Volusion to Offer Trade Show Displays to a Growing Online Customer Base

Andy Keeler chose Volusion as the provider for his first online business over three years ago to sell portable trade show displays and exhibiting accessories. Their eco-friendly, custom-looking trade show booths are highly configurable and the business takes a clean, modern approach to exhibit design that is professional and appealing to their growing customer base. Even after years of using the software, Andy constantly finds new ways to improve his business. “I still learn something new every time I open up my back end, simply because there are so many great features.”

Using Volusion’s product option features, MODdisplays offers customers an informative and easy way to order their highly customizable products online. “Over the past few months, we’ve taken great care to perfect our product options. Our goal is to offer our customers every option on our website that they could possibly purchase over the phone, and to do it in a way that is intuitive and user-friendly. Volusion has made that task incredibly easy. As a result, we’ve seen a drastic increase in online ordering. Our clients now have the ability to fully understand the product, and have a firm grasp on what they are actually purchasing. Thanks to Volusion, it’s easy for our customers to get us all the information we need to fulfill their order.”

In regards to favorite features, Andy finds Volusion’s back-end especially useful for easily adding their customizable products. “We love the Inventory/Products section. It’s incredibly easy to change descriptions and images as well as make new products. If we want to add a new product to our website, we can do it in less than five minutes. This is especially impressive for us because we’re not like a typical online store that simply pushes boxes from place to place. Everything on our website is highly customizable, and as a result our products require much more fine tuning before they can be released.”

Andy found that when starting and growing his online business, it was important to have a feature rich solution with everything available in a single back-end. “Volusion simplifies the process of adding new products, changing images and descriptions, and adding product options. Thanks to the features Volusion provides, we are able to keep our website consistent throughout. Minor design tweaks and reformatting are incredibly simple.”

What advice does MODdisplays have for other online store owners? Put simply, “keep moving”. As Andy says, “Don’t allow yourself to rest or get complacent. Even if your website is the best in your industry, keep working. Every time we make an improvement to our website (even in an insignificant area), a customer takes advantage of it and the result is more revenue for our company!”

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