Volusion Donates Thousands of Dollars, Meals to CAFB

Volusion Donates Thousands of Dollars, Meals to CAFB

The Volusion team recently partnered with our local food bank to help those in need. Read more to see how we’re making a difference in our offline community.

While we love all of Volusion’s core values, we’re a bit partial to “Rock the Golden Rule.”

Over the past month we really rocked it by partnering with the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB). Starting with our Facebook “Like for Food” Campaign, we donated $5000 to CAFB. Inspired by the organization, we then had a massive Volusion food drive and even sent a team of volunteers to help out!

Like for Food Campaign

Our “Like” for Food campaign set a goal to get 500 new “likes” on Volusion’s Facebook page by challenging people to share the needs of the CAFB through their own Facebook profiles. Volusioneers were the first to jump on board, followed by Facebook users around the world. At the end of the campaign, Volusion donated $5,000 to the CAFB to help feed 12,500 hungry Central Texans.

Volusion Donates $5,000 to Capital Area Food Bank

Volusion Food Drive

After seeing the enormous amount of support for the cause, Volusion’s HR team decided to challenge the company even further by kicking off a food drive. What started off as a small event quickly turned into a fierce competition, with each department fighting for bragging rights. After a few short weeks, the office was filled with food bins, stacked to the ceiling and placed in every corner imaginable.

At the end of the food drive, we donated 7,330 pounds of food (that’s 3.6 tons!) to provide 5,882 meals to hungry families.

Volusion donates 7,330 lbs. to CAFB

Volusion Volunteer Day

Part of the Volusion Foundation’s doctrine gives all employees 2 days of paid time off to volunteer for a worthy cause, such as this one. To round out our contributions, we sent a big team to CAFB headquarters to help organize and process food for distribution. Although it took a lot of hard work, the participating Volusioneers had a blast and left feeling good about their work for a greater cause.

Volusion volunteers at Capital Area Food Bank

Volusion Foundation works with local bank

“It’s great to see Volusion employees rally around a good cause,” said our CEO, Clay Olivier. “The Volusion Foundation gives us all the opportunity to think beyond the walls of our office, and help those less fortunate in our own community and even around the world.”

It’s an honor to work with an inspiring nonprofit like CAFB that greatly impacts the Austin community. We look forward to a continued partnership with the CAFB to help other Central Texans in need.


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