Volusion Supports Local Charities- ‘Tis the Season for Giving Back

Austin, TX (Volusion Inc.) December, 2006- This Holiday season, employees of Volusion set out to make a difference in the lives of those in need within their community. The Volusion team adopted 5 families, with a total of 42 people, to provide for this Christmas. “We wanted to find organizations that would allow us to give back directly to our communities and in adopting these families, we were able to do just that”, says Erin Walsh, a member of Volusion’s sales staff. Three families were adopted from Austin, Texas while two were adopted from Simi Valley, California. Volusion contributed by providing toys and clothing for the family, along with a full uncooked Christmas meal with all of the trimmings. Volusion focused on adopting families that had medical disabilities and while concentrating their efforts mostly on the children, they also made sure the care taker received something. “With the rush and stress of holiday spending, it’s always nice to know that you are helping people that need it most”, notes Erin. “With the money the company gave us for each family, we were able to not only provide gifts and a meal, but we were able to give the family caretakers some much needed peace of mind.”

In California, the families were found through Share and Care, a company that is associated with the Salvation Army and based out of Simi Valley. In Texas, the families needing services were found through The Christmas Bureau of Austin and Travis County. An organization that has been around for 46 years, The Christmas Bureau matches needy families with their sponsors. Donations are always welcome and you can find more information on the organization by visiting their online site at www.CBofAustin.org.

In addition to helping families in need, Volusion was able to donate a total of eight bikes for J.B. and Sandy’s 10th Annual Bikes for Kids and employees also donated toys to Operation Blue Santa. An organization run by the Austin Police Department, Blue Santa delivers toys and food to thousands of local families in need. You can learn more about the organization and you can also make a donation online by visiting www.BlueSanta.org.

Happy selling!
-Stacie Leonard, Volusion

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  1. Norma Ashong

    I was referred to your site to review possible solutions for
    my unique needs. However, I read your blog and was very
    impressed, your companies community outreach for christmas
    was very much in line with what we do here on a regular basis.

    We are very proud of our international projects and was looking
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    We are a 501C-3 organization, that is looking at raising some
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    Sincere I am,

    Norma D. Ashong, Executive Director

  2. Tony Flinchum

    It’s good to see companies give back to their communities. May God richly Bless you all.


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