Great SEO Tools for Writing Bot-Friendly Content

Writing for search engines is evil. After all, Google prides itself in its ability to constantly innovate its algorithms so that those trying to trick the system will not dominate the search engine rankings. You should write the content on your site only for the people who read it, right?

When thousands of dollars can be at stake just by slipping to the second page of Google, can we realistically expect merchants to think about content this way?

Fortunately, Google also gives us access to many pages that explain how search engines work and how you can use them to gain better exposure on the web. Search engine bots see content (=words in text form, not images) linked to pages. If you want to understand how this occurs, check out HowStuffWorks’s explanation of how search engines spider your pages. It’s pretty thorough, and at the very least you will discover this very cool site.

So after understanding how search engines work, how do you know that you are writing effectively enough for them to pick up your content? SEO is one of the most common aspects of marketing covered on the web, and there are many tools on the web that show how your site’s SEO fairs.

Perhaps the site with the highest number of useful tools is Here are just a few notable tools from their site:

Keyword Density Tool:
Although the proper keyword density for each page is disputed, having a strong keyword density will tell search engines exactly what is on that page so it can get picked up.

Link Popularity Tool:
Shows all sites linking to particular pages of your site.

Keyword Position Tool:
This tool will show you how you rank in search engines for particular keywords.

Spider Simulator:
This tool will simulate how a search engine spider views your page.

There are many other tools on this site that will help you create AdWords campaigns, block certain bots from spidering your site, check PageRank, and more. Be sure to focus on writing good homepage content, as this is the first text search engine spiders will see. When you write this content, the text shouldn’t be so bot-oriented that it drives traffic to your website but doesn’t keep them there.

You have the tools now, so get to writing!


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