Tips from the Top: Three Marketing Answers You Can’t Live Without

In our last edition of Tips from the Top, we chatted with Olga Kazakova, our Director of Corporate Communications about Out of this World™ ways to market your online business. She provided us with a wealth of knowledge, covering hot topics like delivering the right message to customers, selecting the appropriate marketing channels for your brand and how to focus your public relations efforts.

In part 2 of this series, we gave Olga three frequently asked questions that appear in our social media feeds when discussing marketing tactics and techniques. True to form, Olga tackled the questions like a champ to provide detailed insights to share with you! Check out her thoughts below.


How much branding is too much? Is it better to focus on marketing one product or the entire line?

I’m all about focus. Your product can’t be everything to everyone, so start with something that serves a particular segment or need, and fine-tune the heck out of it. Of course, a product line is built to grow. The world’s most successful companies offer a variety of products to serve different markets, but they’ve established an identity and developed brand values that encompass their offerings. Take Apple for example – they offer a variety of products, but have defined unique characteristics that unite the entire line: The products are easy and enjoyable to use and they’re fast, beautiful machines. Regardless of whether or not it’s an iPod or a MacAir, you know you’re using a product made by Apple. Figure out what works well for your business and what resonates with customers and then extend this understanding to future product lines.


Is social media marketing something that every business needs?

It’s something that I think every business could utilize one way or another, but only when they’re ready. Social media marketing demands rapid, open and engaging communication. If your business can dedicate a resource to plan and execute a social media strategy, I think there are great gains to be made in establishing relationships with your customers. And if you’re a Volusion merchant, you can take advantage of our Social Store Builder application and sell your products directly through Facebook!

In order to succeed with social media marketing, make it your goal to share interesting and relevant content with your readers. Plan updates using tools like HootSuite and monitor your brand mentions with a free application like SocialMention.

One thing that I recommend doing immediately (if you haven’t done so already, and aren’t ready to jump with both feet in on social) is to secure your brand’s social media properties. Your brand needs to be unified across all fronts, including social. Secure your name on the top social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+). You can check username availability using a site like

What’s one form of technology that you cannot live without?

My Google Nexus phone. It’s a handheld source of learning and inspiration. I can easily access and sync my favorite programs (Evernote, Spotify and Google+) from my computer and have them with me at all times. I enjoy reading articles while grabbing a bite to eat or riding in the car. With the marketing industry rapidly changing, it’s interesting to read about new developments and think about how we can apply those learnings to our business. Plus, my Nexus serves the critical function of waking me up in the morning!


Big thanks to Olga for taking the time to chat with us! Do you have more burning marketing questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments sections below and we’ll have Olga follow up with you.

Ready for more expert advice? Be on the lookout for the next post from Tips from the Top where we’ll bring you more advice from key influencers in our company.

Happy selling!


 Olga Kazakova, Director of Corporate Communications, is responsible for maintaining the Volusion brand across marketing communications. She works with the creative, development, event and social media departments at Volusion to educate merchants about Volusion’s product and services.

Olga is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a MA in Advertising and BS in Public Relations. 


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