Tips from the Top: Expert Tips for Website Merchandising, Part Two

Interested in how website merchandising can help your online business skyrocket to success? Read on for tips and advice from a Volusion expert.

tips from the top

In part one of this installment of Tips from the Top, we chatted with Volusion’s Website Merchandising Manager, Nathan Stull, about why web merchandising is a crucial aspect of growing your online business. Today he’s tackling more of your important questions, including prioritization of online marketing methods and the number one mistake businesses make when merchandising online.


How can good Web merchandising help me make more money with my online store?

With a few best practices in place, you can increase the volume of traffic and eliminate the barriers between your customers and your products.

Another way to think about it: How much money am I losing because they can’t find my store, they got confused on my site, or they didn’t trust me enough because my content wasn’t strong?

These weaknesses can be resolved with website merchandising.


What do you think is more important when marketing a product online, visuals or descriptions?

This depends on your products and audience. But for the most part, if your site isn’t visually attractive to your customers, they won’t be hooked enough to stay and read beyond the large font. With that said, both your website visuals and descriptions help increase trust between your audience and you.

A few aspects to think about:

  • Visuals: Your store needs to look professional. It needs to be visually appealing enough to entice your customer to stay more than five seconds. The design should capture the eye and direct the mouse.
  • Descriptions: Descriptions are prevalent and provide major opportunity.  It could be a succinct headline, a navigation label or an embedded hyperlink. It should be more than the 50 words you threw together about the product. It’s every word on the page.


What is one of the most common mistakes people make when merchandising online?

Not testing or continually improving their site. No one wants to be left behind and this is one great way to keep up.

One approach: instead of launching your site improvements or new site template all at once, tweak small items here and there based on what your users like.


What is your number one web merchandising tip for small business owners?

Think about why people would want your product, how they would go about finding it online, and how you measure up to your competition in that sales cycle.



Nathan Stull is an experienced online marketing professional with an emphasis on merchandising. His background in marketing comes from years of online marketing experience at AMD and He started his career on something called newspaper. Nathan has a degree in journalism and English from the University of Miami.

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