The Three Most Simple (and Effective) Business Analysis Tools

Welcome to Business Analysis 101. My name is Matt, and I’ll be your professor. Throughout this course, you’ll learn three main business analysis tools, all designed to help you better understand where your business is performing well and where there’s room for improvement.

No homework required, but I do recommend you take notes. If you have any questions, leave your professor (me) a comment in the box below!


Matt Winn is Volusion’s Senior Brand Manager, where he helps oversee the organization’s branding and communications efforts. Matt has created hundreds of articles, videos and seminars on all things ecommerce, ranging from online marketing to web design and customer experience. Beyond being a certified nerd, Matt is an avid college football fan, enthusiastic home cook and a self-admitted reality TV junkie.

3 Responses to “The Three Most Simple (and Effective) Business Analysis Tools”

  1. Cassim

    Nice clear overview. thanks.

  2. Rashmi

    thank u, that was explained very simply. supposing I’m trying to improve the market share of an automobile. I will do SWOT analysis. Should I also do Porter’s five and the 5 C’s? What about PEST analysis?

    • Matt Winn

      Hi Rashmi, great question. Since you’re trying to sell an automobile, which is a major investment that includes a lot of factors, I think it would be a great idea to include a PEST Analysis to get started. For those of you who are unfamiliar, PEST stands for: Political Factors, Economic Factors, Social Factors, and Technological Factors. Best of luck!


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