The Simple Guide to Writing Better Business Tweets

You can say a lot in 140 characters or less. On the other hand, you can also say a lot of nothing.

Learning how to write tip-top tweets for your business’ page is a must-do action for anyone using Twitter for social media marketing. If you do it right, you can boost your online presence by connecting with a wide audience and turning them into customers. Do it wrong and you can turn off a big pool of potential shoppers.

Ready to fine-tune those tweets? Check out my simple, 5-step guide to get started.


Matt Winn is Volusion’s Senior Brand Manager, where he helps oversee the organization’s branding and communications efforts. Matt has created hundreds of articles, videos and seminars on all things ecommerce, ranging from online marketing to web design and customer experience. Beyond being a certified nerd, Matt is an avid college football fan, enthusiastic home cook and a self-admitted reality TV junkie.

3 Responses to “The Simple Guide to Writing Better Business Tweets”

  1. D. Graham

    I recently started a business account on tweeter but I am hesitant to tweet about my product to my followers, afraid of over promoting. Is there a service or someone that can proof read or even write my business tweets prior to tweeting to cure this problem.

    • Emily Teachout

      Hey there! It sounds like you’re on the right track by being thoughtful about overpromoting and only sharing quality tweets with your followers. When it comes to social media services, you could definitely hire a third party to help you if you have the budget. Volusion even has social media marketing services that could help.

      If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, why not ask a friend or colleague to look over your tweets and help proofread? Ask for honest feedback. Once you’re confident that you have some good material to tweet, you can schedule your tweets in advance to make sure you’re spacing them out properly – learn how here.

      Happy tweeting!

  2. Ryan Record

    Thanks for the tweet tips! I am new to twitter and searching for helpful answers!


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