The 5 Biggest Don’ts of Opening an Online Business

Getting started with your online store comes with a big to-do list that’s full of action items. From setting up your shipping to designing your site, there are a lot of exciting details to cover. As you embark on this exciting journey, you’re probably focused on what you should do and when to accomplish them.

But have you taken the time to think about what you shouldn’t be doing?

If not, never fear – today’s episode is chock full of 5 common mistakes you should avoid when opening your new online business.

Happy selling!
-Matt Winn, Volusion


Matt Winn is Volusion’s Senior Brand Manager, where he helps oversee the organization’s branding and communications efforts. Matt has created hundreds of articles, videos and seminars on all things ecommerce, ranging from online marketing to web design and customer experience. Beyond being a certified nerd, Matt is an avid college football fan, enthusiastic home cook and a self-admitted reality TV junkie.

12 Responses to “The 5 Biggest Don’ts of Opening an Online Business”

  1. Hal

    Good sound advise. I never new or considered how long it would it take to get suitable rankings for sales. I’ve learned now its SEO SEO and more SEO. I jumped right in just like Matt said, and now considering hiring SEO help. Even though it’s been a little costly it has been fun.

  2. Pat

    Wow, this was refreshing. All the don’ts you mentioned were actually my dos. This has been helpful!

  3. Hasan

    Do you have any videos about how to build trust between you and the customer

  4. Karan

    Thanks Matt

    Great simple advise…

  5. Colette McNeil

    Thanks for the tips. Very affirming. I have been trying to keep that exact attitude about y business and website but many sales people who want to Scare me into buying their products to help me increase sales do impact my anxiety level and leave me questioning my direction. Step by step, attending to details and remaining patient and focussed. Great advice.

    • Matt

      Hi Colette, thanks for watching! Keep up the great work and positive attitude – your persistence and attention to detail will pay off in the long run. -Matt

  6. Crystal Jones

    Great Advice! I was going to do all those things and jump right into getting it done all at once. The video pulled me back, and now I am going to take it slow and stay focus. Thanks alot!

    • Matt

      Hi Crystal, glad you found it helpful! Slow and steady definitely helps win the race – remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Best of luck with your new business. -Matt

  7. Wendy Holdsworth

    Are you working out? You look great!

    • Matt

      Lol, you’re making me blush! Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for watching! -Matt

  8. Candice B.

    Nice segment!..very much appreciated..


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