TechTarget Austin ROI Summit Roadshow

See what we learned at TechTarget’s Online ROI Summit Roadshow, and which of these helpful tidbits can give you more insight for your business.

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Last Monday, Volusion had the privilege of attending the invitation-only 3-hour session “TechTarget Online ROI Summit Roadshow” at the Roaring Fork restaurant in downtown Austin. The topics covered during the Summit included:

  1. An Overview of the Lead Generation Landscape: Case study of how one enterprise “closes the loop”, with Marilou Barsam, SVP, Client Consulting and Corporate Marketing
  2. Advanced Social Media Marketing: Establishing thought leadership and measuring ROI with Sean Brooks, VP, Social Publishing
  3. New Behavioral Insights from the Google/TechTarget Research Project with Jeff Ramminger, SVP, Products

Although the data was centered around research from IT companies and IT marketers, there was some information presented at the Summit that can be passed along to our readers with businesses of any size, and in any market.

Here are some tips worth mentioning for all business owners:

  • To help close the sale, give your potential customers content that shows proven success and reliability with your products, such as success stories, articles and positive product reviews.
  • If you don’t have the time or the manpower, don’t cover all Social Media outlets at once. Find your audience and start there.
  • Most social network and blog visitors are “spectators” that aren’t leaving comments. They may not be vocal, but they’re still on your site.
  • 20% of Tweets mention a product or company name. What are other people saying about your products? And, what are you saying about your own company that is beneficial in social networks?
  • Long tail keywords, such as “large bag of organic decaf coffee”, are used closer to the buying stage (3.2=awareness stage, 3.5=decision stage.) Work to increase the chances of having these highly effective long tail keywords lead to your products through SEO and PPC efforts.
  • All visits to your site are worthy, but they do need to be treated differently. (Who wants information only? Who is looking to purchase now?…) Find the best way to talk to the appropriate site visitor.
  • Make product comparison charts. Think about how your product beats the competitor’s product, and show those advantages. Take the time out of the visitor’s process of comparing different products. Keep the visitor on your site to increase the chance of closing that sale!

About TechTarget
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For a full presentation of the information covered at the TechTarget Summit, please visit:
Austin ROI Summit Roadshow Pdf
. There is a wealth of information here (with a whopping 130 slides), so grab a cup of cider and a notebook before you get started.

You can also find some additional information for technology marketers at

-Stacie Leonard, Search Marketing Manager

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