Mother-Daughter Team, Margie and Abbey Greenberg, Cook Up Some Big Money Creations
20 Years ago Margie Greenberg got her start in the party planning industry. In her spare time she took cake decorating classes, learning how to make cakes and cookies for her family and friends that looked as good as they tasted. When Abbey graduated from college her older brother told her “You better sell Mom’s cookies!” and five years ago she started doing just that. Margie and Abbey opened to sell decorative cookies and accessories. About two and a half years ago they moved their site to Volusion because of the greater flexibility they had when it came to making changes to their website and the 24/7 technical support they could get when they needed assistance. As Abbey explains, “Prior to using Volusion, we would have to pay someone to change a picture or add a product.  It just wasn’t cost effective. I like that I can update anything anytime and if I can’t figure something out, the tech support is very helpful.” Their customers benefit most from this freedom to make changes quickly and easily because they are always getting access to new products.

Less than a year ago they launched a whole line of new products- their corporate logo cookies. Margie and Abbey’s cookies have been featured on The Food Network, and Entertainment Tonight. They have garnered the praise of celebrities like Al Roker and have been featured at company events for FOX, Kenneth Cole, Jimmy Choo, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marriott, Federal Express and many more. They supplied specialty cookies for Madonna’s “Sweet and Sticky” national tour. The credentials go on and on! The Mother-Daughter duo has also written a popular cook book and always has a full schedule for their cookie making classes on weekends. Abbey comments, “We’ve had people come from Massachusetts to Texas for the workshops.  We have a cookie decorating book published- so the workshop is really a chance to take what you may have seen in the book one step further.” They even sell the same cookie cutters and accessories that they use to make their famous cookies so that you can bake like a Greenberg in your own home.

When asked what their customers liked best about their site Abbey states it is the ease of navigation and picture heavy content that keeps them coming back. (Although, it probably also has something to do with the mouth watering cookies.) Abbey’s comments bring to light an important Volusion feature- cost effective bandwidth. The Volusion platform is a great choice for sites with rich picture content because the more pictures your site has, the more bandwidth you can use up each month. Unlike hosting companies that cap you at a certain amount of bandwidth per month Volusion allows you to use as much bandwidth as your site needs and only charges you a minimal fee per gigabyte (GB) of bandwidth you go over your plan during the month. Oppositely, there are hosting companies that fall at the other extreme- offering your hundreds of GBs of bandwidth with poor reliability in their hosting services. Volusion provides only premium managed hosting as part of their monthly plans while allowing you to use the bandwidth your business needs to run. Margie and Abbey have certainly benefited from this freedom and reliability, with almost 900 product photos on their site for customers to browse.

Despite the size and fame of their business Margie and Abbey run like a small personal family business. They match wedding invitations to create custom favors for no additional design charge. Any cookie coloring can be substituted for a different shade at no cost. Each cookie is individually wrapped with stylish packaging. Everything about their cookies makes the customer feel like they were designed specifically for them, because well… they were!

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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