SuburbanDogHouse Fetches Online Success

In March of 2007 Kelly Paster launched her online store with Volusion, selling high-quality dog accessories aimed at bridging the gap between practicality and aesthetics. Her site also contains an exclusive “Made in the USA” section.

In the last two years Kelly has found incredible success selling online. However, all of her success did not come overnight. When she started her website with Volusion Kelly took the necessary time to develop her site- getting the design just right, adding and tweaking all of her products, and streamlining the consumer buying process by making sure her navigation was intuitive and easy for customers to use. All of her hard work and dedication to her customers is evident in her loyal customer base. Kelly explains, “Customers like the clean design of each product page and the easy navigation built into the site. They also like the one page checkout– because they don’t need to go through multiple screens to complete their order. I personally think the photo zoom feature gives us an advantage with online shoppers because internet shopping is so visual. Customers can see the details of the products before they buy.”

With about 2000 SKUs it would be easy to lose track of an individual product but as Kelly explains, “We’re knowledgeable about our broad selection and can respond to customer questions within 24 hours.” The ability to manage so many products with ease is a huge competitive advantage for because Kelly does not have to worry about getting bogged down each time products need to be updated. She can focus more time on customer satisfaction. She elaborates, “A big consideration for  choosing Volusion was the ease of adding products and our ability to quickly update the site. It’s easy to move around the product detail page. I can load new products and set up inventory tracking from one page.”

Kelly also takes full advantage of Volusion’s SEO features to make sure consumers can find her products and keeps tabs on all of her outside marketing efforts with the ROI tracker. She notes, “The product template within Volusion is very comprehensive. I can load a product with complete description and SEO very quickly. I use the ROI tracker to see which marketing is generating sales and the Order Details report to take a closer look at the orders coming from the marketing I’m doing.”

Kelly told us, “I honestly consider Volusion my partner. They provide the cyber ‘bricks and mortar’ I need to be in business.” But Kelly also has some other important partners as well- Kelly spends a good deal of time in the Volusion forums getting feedback from other Volusion users.

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-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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