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best blog directories
Congratulations on creating and maintaining a blog for your business! Now that you have taken the steps to create a blog that people actually want to read, make sure that they can find it by submitting it to the top blog directories. These are the best blog directories online right now (sorted by PageRank– a numeric value that measures the importance of a webpage on Google):

PageRank 9/10:

PageRank 8/10:

PageRank 7/10:

PageRank 6/10:

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-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

6 Responses to “Submit Your Blog to the Top Blog Directories”

  1. Crossbow

    thanks Great list

  2. entertainmentnepal

    thanks for sharing this list..

  3. Donna Menner

    I want to submit my blog to Technorati, does that mean I have to sign up (join) in order to submit?

  4. wesley

    Creating content is one of the best ways to generate free traffic for your blog or website. Online business is a fast growing market.

  5. Corey Creed

    Nice list. We’ll definitely be taking a look at it. We started a new blog called to compliment our Volusion store


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