SoothingWalls Brings Nature inside the Home and Office

Loren Taylor Soothing Walls
In 2006 Loren Taylor moved his water fountain website to the Volusion platform. As he explains, “I tried several ecommerce solutions and none compared to the options and flexibility that Volusion offered. I was instantly sold on their service.” But his move to Volusion was just the beginning!

It’s A Success!

After getting SoothingWalls up and running, sales just snowballed. From 2007 to 2008 SoothingWalls saw revenue grow 600%, but this massive surge did not slow Loren down- SoothingWalls is on record to grow an additional 100% by the end of this year.

Currently Loren is maintaining and, but within the last three years Loren has opened a total of 10 online stores with Volusion, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how many stores he’ll have running at this time next year.

Loren has a natural entrepreneurial spirit. He’s tried it all and he’s succeeded in a big way! So what advice can he give to fellow online store owners? Simply put, Loren advises, “Don’t give up too easy.  Volusion offers the tools to succeed online, just have faith in yourself and your products.”

The Features

Of all of Volusion’s features the ones that are the biggest help to Loren are the ROI tracker and the knowledge base. As he explains, “The backoffice is laid out for easy navigation. I can easily find what I am looking for without having to do too much searching. The ROI tab notifying me where my clicks are coming from is very useful; I use it every day.  I also use the knowledge base for useful tips on how to make my website user friendly and to learn new tricks.”

But Loren’s favorite part about Volusion is that the shopping cart software helps him to be more productive so he can spend more time pursuing his other passions.  As he told us, “I originally had a consulting job up in Seattle (where long hours were expected) and left it to pursue my online business. The main reason was to allow for more time with my young family. These websites have given me and my family the flexibility needed to spend more time together.”

Everyone here at Volusion wishes Loren continued success with and all of his future business endeavors!

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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