SMB Series – 8 Simple Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Throughout the month of November we will be running our “SMB blog series.” While SMB traditionally refers to “Small/Medium Business,” here at Volusion it has come to mean something else: “Small Made Big.” This month we will be sharing resources, tips, stats, and inspirations to help you turn your small ecommerce endeavor into something greater- something BIG!

The business heads at AllBusiness remind us that marketing is essential for even the smallest businesses:

“Owners of home-based businesses sometimes view marketing as an unnecessary expense, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because a home-based business doesn’t have a storefront for passers-by to notice, with no opportunity to generate walk-in business, home-based businesses need marketing more than other types of businesses, not less. To not market your home-based business will almost certainly doom it to failure.”

Here are 8 simple tools to effectively market your small business:

  1. Voicemail– Set-up your voicemail in a way that promotes your products and emphasizes your customer service.
  2. Brochures– A brochure will help you promote your business to interested parties if you attend trade-shows or conferences.
  3. Press Releases– If your business does something new or interesting, write a press release to let people know. Then utilize free PR sites to distribute your company’s press releases.
    Get Ideas from Volusion Press Releases
  4. Case Studies (if appropriate)- In a case study, explain how your product works and what benefits it offers. Offer the case study free on your website to potential buyers to help establish yourself as a leading source of information in your industry.
  5. Referrals– Encourage customers to leave reviews of the products that they bought and to tell their friends. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to market any business!
    Activating Customer Reviews
  6. Affiliate Programs– Get sales as if you’ve hired a team of sales people without the cost of actually managing an actual sales force.
    Creating Affiliates
  7. A Well-Designed Website– Make sure that when customers visit your site you have a logical lay-out and an aesthetically appealing website for them to browse.
    Design Services
  8. Newsletters– Sending out emails/newsletters is a great way to touch base with your customers and encourage repeat purchases.
    Creating Newsletters

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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