Sets Up Thousands of Products Using Volusion’s Import Tool

If you are looking for after market car accessories, you should be hard pressed to find a site with more variety than website, which has been on Volusion’s platform since August of 2007, has over 3,000 leather seat kits and 1,200 grilles alone.  Shopsar came in with some pretty substantial needs early on. “Our customizable leather interiors have nearly 10 different option categories with as many as 80 variables in each,” said Al Isaacs, the site’s webmaster.

After trying both open source software and “another company that shall go unmentioned”, Al and the gang at Shopsar made sure that Volusion could handle a store with so many options. Instead of setting up products and options one by one, Al decided to save time by importing options in a spreadsheet while applying those options to multiple products.

Since Al saved time setting up so many products, he can now focus on the marketing aspects of the site. How can an online merchant increase traffic as well as conversion? Al suggests “finding the balance between what web searches find appealing and what customers will like. Putting together the wording for content that feeds the need for keywords and such while giving the info on a product that is easy to read and makes sense. One brings in the customer, the other gets them to buy. Find that balance and you’re on your way!”

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