Lessons Learned from Shop.org 2010

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders helped make our booth quite popular at the 2010 Shop.org Annual Summit in Dallas

The Volusion team attended the 2010 Shop.org Annual Summit last week in Dallas, making a big splash in the Expo Hall and taking home valuable new insights from the Conference. Continue reading to get the full recap and pick up some advice from respected industry leaders.

What a show! This year’s Shop.org Annual Summit was packed with big Texas fun. From smart cars to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the ecommerce industry went all out to make a splash at this year’s gathering. With an impressive selection of the industry’s best online retailing solutions and a rigorous curriculum of world class speakers, attendees and exhibitors both enjoyed an action-packed conference.

The Expo Hall was booming with excitement on this year’s hot topics: ecommerce, mobile, social media, and conversion. We added a little buzz of our own by bringing our friends from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to our new booth. People from all corners of the conference swung by to pose for photos and learn more about our powerful solution. Check out our photos from Shop.org on the Volusion Flickr page.

The Volusion booth displayed at the Shop.org Conference
Our new booth made its debut at the big Shop.org show

But the show wasn’t all about fun and games – there was some serious learning going on here. Industry leaders from Urban Outfitters, Facebook, Groupon and others shared their differentiation strategies and offered tips to retailers.

One of our favorites was a keynote speech by Mitch Joel, social media expert and author of “Six Pixels of Separation.” He started off the session with a startling statistic – “From 2007 to 2009, there was a 50% drop in the amount of people clicking on banner ads”. Joel also added that “there are more grandparents than high school students on Facebook”, stressing that the online buying environment continues to change with the introduction of online communities.

In summary, Joel emphasized the power of sharing information and connecting people, how both favorable and unfavorable reviews can positively impact a sale and that numbers don’t tell the whole story. “I don’t care how many fans you have or how many followers you have. I only care about the brands that know their consumers,” said Joel.

Clay makes a Volusion splash at the Shop.org 2010 Annual Summit, showing off his badge on the Jumbotron at the new Cowboys Stadium
Clay makes a Volusion splash at the Shop.org 2010 Annual Summit, showing off his badge on the Jumbotron at the new Cowboys Stadium.

We were also very excited to hear from Southwest Airlines President Emeritus Colleen Barrett talk about the company’s culture. As a company dedicated to building a strong employee and customer culture, we understand the impact happy team members have on customer experience. Barrett was one of the original founders of Southwest Airlines in the 1970’s and says there is no ‘secret’ to how Southwest built one of the most powerful corporate cultures today.

“We’ve had companies pay us for years to come in an learn all of our ‘secrets’. I would laugh, because we’re an open book. But every time these companies would come in, they would want to know what our programs were. I would say over and over that we have no programs; it’s a way of life. It is who we are. We spend an incredible amount of time hiring the right people to do the right things. We make decisions based from the heart,” said Barrett.

She ended the presentation with a few pieces of advice – empower your employees to make good decisions and think of your culture as a way of life.
Michael D., Jay S. and James B. pose for a photo.

(Left to right) Michael D., Jay S. and James B. take a break from the crowd to pose for a photo.

As always, the big Shop.org event was an outstanding opportunity for retailers and ecommerce enthusiasts to network and frame the future of online selling. We’re already pumped for the 2011 show in Boston!

Stay tuned for our video blog from Shop.org where you’ll receive helpful holiday tips straight from the mouths of industry experts.

Happy Selling!
-Adelle Rodriguez, Marketing Associate
-Olga Kazakova, Marketing Manager


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  1. Bob Smith

    It was great seeing you there and I learned a lot from Michael. He showed us ways to manage our inventory when we do both retail and wholesale from the same site.

    It would be wonderful if you could do a regional workshop from time to time with shop owners. We could sit down and find solutions together and swap ideas.


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