Must-Do SEO Tips: Create or Refine Your Meta Title

Learn how to write your SEO meta title.

Your Meta Title appears at the very top of your computer browser window on your homepage and quickly names your site. Although it is a simple field, often consisting of less than 20 words, it is regarded by many as one of the most important elements in Search Engine Optimization.

Supported by all major search engines, the Meta Title is the first thing search engine spiders see as well as most visitors to your site. Not only does your Title help search engines determine your site’s relevancy, it also helps boost your overall relevancy to future customers in being seen as the first line in search engine listings.

Writing Your Meta Title
When writing your Meta Title, start out simple before getting technical. Focusing on the most relevant aspects of your site, jot down a quick description of your business. Then, make a list of all major products you sell.

You’ll want to integrate your site’s main keywords (basically, your main products) into your Title, so find specific keywords that best describe your site. Focus on your niche and what makes your site different. Use keywords that don’t have a large amount of competition, or chances of finding your site in that saturated environment will be slim to none. For example, the odds of optimizing your site for “televisions” are much less likely than optimizing for “high definition flat panel plasma televisions”.

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Once you have your site’s overall description and a list of major keywords, take the information you’ve gathered and narrow your title down. Try to keep it short and sweet- between 6-25 words.

When writing your Title, include your most relevant and specific keywords toward the beginning. Don’t overuse your keywords or search engines may view this as spam.

If you use your company name, try to place it toward the ending of the description. Never use just your company name. Your main goal is to optimize your site for your product offerings, since searchers are looking for those items rather than your name. So, more focus should always be placed on products/keywords.

Make sure to use correct punctuation and spelling. Well written text will influence the amount of clicks to your site from search engine listings, while bad text makes a site appear unprofessional.

Above all, make sure your title is simple, yet as specific and relevant as possible!

-Stacie Leonard, Ecommerce Marketing/Copywriting

4 Responses to “Must-Do SEO Tips: Create or Refine Your Meta Title”

  1. Stevn De Lozada

    Can I see a example in code view? I didn’t know you could put so much information under the meta tag “title’. I thought that only went under keywords, description, and abstract.

  2. duane dewsbury

    yes, I agree. We use a meta title like “Hey! Looking for Stetson Hats?”…

    This works great once we get on the first page of google, because it asks a customer a question, which they answer mentally, and by clicking.

  3. Mike Jason

    Another benefit of the Title meta tag is that it is what the searchers first see on your website when they do a search for certain keyword, and a good title can mean a high conversion rate of the number of the searcher for a given keyword to visit your site even it is number #5 and not #1.

    That’s why i think it is bettwr to optimize your META titles for “USERS” and not for “SEO” although the SEO will come naturally for the title if done smartly

    Mike Jason
    SEO Software

  4. James Raymond

    James Raymond…

    Thank you soo much for describing in such detail about Search Engine Optimization Software. Its refreshing to see people actually can write articles that make sense and not computer generated. The Best way to contact me is by email. I check it everyday…


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