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Has your online business discovered the power of shopping feeds? Check out this webinar by our Channel Marketing team to learn how to run a successful shopping feeds campaign.


Comparison shopping engines, also known as shopping feeds, have quickly become one of the most effective channels in online marketing. Due to their popularity, merchants have had to adapt to the specific policies and procedures of each shopping engine, which has created many questions about how one should approach their shopping feed strategy.

To help you better understand how to maximize this powerful tool, we’ve created our “Scientific Method to Shopping Feeds” webinar. This event will help you discover and execute the best strategies to run a successful shopping feeds campaign. We’ll cover the five steps of the scientific method to help ensure your shopping feeds are set up for success.

After that, we’ll cover a variety of tools to improve your strategy, including:

  • Asking the right questions to help craft an effective shopping feeds strategy
  • Researching each comparison shopping engine, and using those findings to improve your campaign
  • Constructing and testing a hypothesis to experiment with your shopping feeds
  • Analyzing the data to evaluate shopping feed performance and determine areas of improvement

Take your business to the next level with an effective and powerful shopping feeds campaign by attending this enlightening webinar. Seats are limited and your business can’t afford to miss this event!

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