Post Oak Motor Cars Uses Boutique to Boost the Bentley Marque…and Its Own

Mike Berray saw opportunity in setting up an online store. Mike manages Post Oak Motor Cars, the largest Factory Authorized Rolls Royce Motor Cars and Bentley Motors dealership on the Gulf Coast. By turning to an online market, Post Oak could extend the Rolls Royce and Bentley brands as well as the Post Oak brand to an international market. He had never set up an online store, but decided to use customer feedback to figure out how to make one work.

The boutique store found at sells Bentley and Rolls Royce apparel, model cars, and luxury items at various price points. Shoppers can purchase clothing for men, women, and children as well as items such as pens, prints, keychains, and wallets. The Post Oak Motor Cars boutique also features the exclusive “Pure Bentley” line, including Bentley’s silk and cashmere robe tailored specifically towards a customer’s dimensions.

The store hasn’t just helped generate extra income for Post Oak. “We have actually sold a car or two due to the boutique. One in particular comes to mind in that the father bought a remote control Bentley Continental GT for his daughter to play with and then came in a few months later to get a real one for himself,” said Mike.

Look for Post Oak Motor Cars to add more owner serviceable items like oil filters and fanbelts later this year.


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