Organic Pet Boutique Leads the Pack with Volusion


Today’s spotlight showcases a wildly successful provider of organic pet products, Organic Pet Boutique. Within the first few weeks of opening shop with us, Organic Pet Boutique received over $2,000 in orders. In the first year alone, revenue projections are set to exceed $200,000 – what a success story!

We’ve got yet another exciting customer success story to share with you. This spotlight features Volusion customer,, the most comprehensive e-tailer of organic pet food and products. After joining our growing community of merchants, storeowners Shana and Len Bentivegna received over $2,000 in orders during the first few weeks. Even better, they’re expected to gross about $200,000 in the first year!


As with all stories, the beginning revolves around an idea and a passion. For Organic Pet Boutique, the inspiration grew from the love of their two Shih Tzus, Ceasar and Milo. Shana and Len were increasingly alarmed by numerous alerts of companies recalling pet food containing toxic chemicals from China. They thought to themselves, “we eat organic food to protect our health…but what about Ceasar and Milo?” After scouring the internet for an all-organic site with no luck, the pet lovers decided to launch their own online business featuring the highest quality, organic pet products. From there, was born.

The couple wanted to launch their new online store in time for the 2009 holiday season in order to take full advantage of the busiest shopping season of the year. This means that time was of the essence and there wasn’t much of it to spare. To make matters more stressful, the start-up company didn’t have a budget for traditional agency designers or a site developer. After a long period of researching shopping cart software, we had the honor of stepping in to help.


From the get go, Shana and Len knew that SEO was critical, especially since there are millions of pet product websites out there. In addressing this problem, the couple spent a lot of time looking into third party SEO firms. Shana offered the following recap of her search:

“I interviewed multiple SEO companies and they all suggested that I add a sitemap, blog and SEO keywords. Volusion already incorporated these great marketing tools on our site and the SEO companies were stunned. Thanks to Volusion we saved thousands!”



Organic Pet Boutique quickly turned those savings into profits. By identifying an unaddressed market demand and getting their online business running at an opportune time, orders started coming in immediately. Shana reflected:


“We began making money right out of the gate. Our concept has been embraced by pet lovers all over the country!“


We’re very proud to be a part of the success of this budding online business. Thanks for sharing your story with us! So if you’re in need of some high quality, fully organic pet products to protect your furry friends, climb over to now!


Happy (and successful) selling!
-Matt Winn, Marketing Associate


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  2. Chris Jackson

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