Online Video Viewing In the US Sees a Sharp Increase

US Internet users viewed 14.8 million videos online in the month of January alone- a 4% rise over the previous month according to ComScore. Increased YouTube usage is considered to be the driving factor in this growth. In January 100.9 million viewers watched YouTube videos- marking the first time the video giant surpassed 100 million viewers.The shocking part is not that Internet users are watching videos online- it is how many videos they are actually watching. While a reported 76.8% of US Internet users watched online videos an astounding 147 million users watched an average of 101 videos per person. In fact, the average US Internet user watched almost 6 hours of videos online in the month of January. Videos seem to be popping up everywhere- sure the same old weird pet tricks are still out there but there are more music videos, popular television shows, and personal videos on the Internet than ever before. Businesses are using videos more and more as well, to introduce their brand, to showcase product features, as training material, etc. Even small businesses have started jumping on the video bandwagon.

So what can your business do to keep up with the online video trend? Try incorporating videos into your business plan. You can post videos to YouTube, put them on your website, make promotional dvd’s to give to customers or handout at exhibitions, spice up your Facebook or MySpace business page, etc. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the thought of trying to make a video and get scared off. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Figure out What You Want to Say
    This seems like an obvious point but it is very important- do not start planning the logistics of your video or start shooting until you are clear on the message that you will be conveying. The message of the video will probably be closely tied to where it will be used so you may want to put some serious thought into that as well.
  2. Be Real- Be Yourself
    Show people what your brand is all about- set the video in a natural location for the products or services that you are selling and have your actions and look be representative of the brand you want to convey. If you are not particularly representative of your brand find someone who is- a friend, employee, relative, child, etc. and recruit their help.
  3. Remember You Do Not Need Advanced Equipment
    You do not necessarily need an advanced video camera to film your video- you can always rent a video camera or even just use a computer webcam or cell phone.
  4. Always Use a Strategic Title
    Make the title something that is relevant to both your company and also the video contents so that it can be found by online searchers. For example, use “Applying Discount and Promotions with your Volusion Store” not just “Volusion video.”
  5. Display the URL
    Make sure that you post the URL for the video so that anyone who wants to view the video later knows where to find it. You can either post the URL on a page such as your website or Facebook or MySpace page or put it in the video itself (often times this works best at the end of the video).
  6. Share the Video
    Once you have made and posted the video make sure you tell people about it. Make sure that your current customers, friends, colleagues, employees, family, and prospects all know that you have made a video. You can email a link to the video, blog about it, post about it in various social medias like Twitter- just get the word out there. Once people know about the video it will spread on its own, but in the beginning you will have to get the ball rolling.

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-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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