One Page Checkout Released with Version 4

One page checkout is here! Learn more about how this first-of-its-kind feature will reduce abandoned carts and improve conversion rates for you, while creating a better user experience for your customers.


If you’ve ever shopped at a supermarket, I’m sure you’ve made it a point to find the shortest checkout line. Shopping online is no different and eCommerce shoppers leave behind full carts at an alarming rate. Several independent studies have corroborated cart abandonment rates of up to 75%, while it’s been noted that about half of all prospective customers bail out of their purchases sometime between selecting products and clicking the buy button.

Eliminating the need for multiple steps and required registration, Volusion’s new One-Page Checkout will dramatically increase the number of completed purchases. Volusion’s new One-Page Checkout, which, as the name implies, reduces the entire checkout process to one simple page, makes ease of use for the merchant’s customers unsurpassable. The fewer steps there are between a customer and a purchase, the better chance for a merchant’s success. The new additions to Volusion’s existing solution will not only increase user-friendliness, they will also work to significantly reduce cart abandonment rates. An issue that has plagued eCommerce providers for years, cart abandonment is one of the most commonly reported obstacles facing eCommerce websites today.

In addition to their One-Page Checkout, Volusion now offers users a “guest” checkout option. By utilizing this option, customers are no longer required to create an account while making a purchase. An account can still be made, which in some instances may provide the customer with more user benefits. However, if a user prefers to remain anonymous, Volusion’s new checkout makes this preference possible. With this new feature, merchants will see an increased number of orders since fewer shoppers will abandon their cart for privacy reasons.

One-Page Checkout will be available in the newest version of Volusion eCommerce Software, Version 4, due out in February 2006. The new checkout has already been well received by critics, enabling Volusion to be nominated as a finalist for the 2006 Codie Awards for “Best eCommerce Solution” for the second year in a row. “The Codie Awards holds the distinction of being the only peer-recognition awards program of its kind in the industry. The Codie Awards program, now in its twenty-first year, remains the standard-bearer for celebrating outstanding achievement and vision in (the software) industry.”*

*Software & Information Industry Association,

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  1. air purifiers

    We just signed up another volusion hosting package for our new domain The one page checkout feature can help close sales.

  2. rick cunningham

    how do I purchase the one-page checkout program and what is the price. do I need to have you host my site or can I just purchase the program and install it myself on my own servers


    (ANSWER: Hi Rick, In order to have the One Page Checkout feature on your site, you’ll need to purchase an Ecommerce Solution (you cannot purchase the checkout feature alone).  Our Ecommerce Solution is designed to give you the frame work for an all in one website, which includes a shopping cart.  Yet you also have the option of linking your current website to a Volusion store.  Your solution, whether you are linking or moving your entire site, would be chosen based on the numbers of products to be included in this store.)

  3. air purifier

    the one page checkout feature is very cool, and we are now using volusion software on our website, and increasing conversion.

  4. 'Umar


    I realy enjoyed reading your blog, i needed some info on this subject for my new study economimy in the USA and your post helped me out a lot thank you for that …


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