Volusion Welcomes Four New Partners: Justuno, Lexity, Incentivibe and EZBob

We’re excited to announce the latest additions to our growing partner network. Read on to see what they can do for you.


Whether it’s leveraging the power of social media or finding additional funding, we know that any growing business can use a helping hand. That’s why our team is continuously searching for new partners to provide the latest and greatest technologies to streamline your operations and make your life that much easier.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce the newest members of the Volusion Partner Network: Justuno, Lexity, Incentivibe and EZBob.



Looking to grow your social media channels while increasing sales? Enter Justuno, the premier social marketing tool that’s designed to expand your social presence and convert visitors into customers. By installing their widget on your site, customers will be offered a coupon code in exchange for:

  • Liking your brand on Facebook
  • Tweeting about you
  • Giving a “+1” on Google Plus
  • Joining your mailing list

Justuno is a simple way to engage with more customers via social media, thanks to their intuitive social sharing tools, targeted offers and more. Give their widget a try – learn more about Justuno now.



As the saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” This is particularly true when it comes to customer interactions with your website, which is where Lexity comes into play. Lexity Live is a free web analytics tool designed for ecommerce, equipped with real-time visitor tracking and much more. For example, you can see where your customers are coming from and what they’re viewing on your site, all as it happens. Even more, you can initiate chats with browsing customers.

Lexity Live is designed to give you the insights needed to enhance and expand your business, from revenue to ROI. Check out what this tool is all about by visiting the Lexity partner page.



Contests are a proven way to attract new customers and give brand engagement a quick boost. But far too often, financing a shiny prize can be expensive. Addressing this concern is what Incentivibe is all about, helping your store hold contests with $500 prizes for just $25. The process works in that Incentivibe groups businesses together so they can offer big contest prizes (like a $500 Visa gift card) while sharing a fraction of the price with other businesses. Better yet, Incentivibe’s contest tool is free and can be placed on your website with your branding.

If you haven’t tried running a contest before, now is a great chance. Sign up for a free trial of Incentivibe today.


EZBob (available to UK merchants)

Sometimes your business needs an extra bit of cash to make your next dream a reality. To help secure those funds, UK merchants can use EZBob, a fully automated financing solution that provides online business owners access to short term funds as easily and transparently as possible. EZBob offers a more flexible lending service than a traditional high street bank, providing up to £40,000 for up to 12 months. The application takes less than ten minutes to complete, with funds placed into your account in 30 minutes.

With free sign up and no hidden costs, we invite you to explore EZBob and its offering now.


We hope that you’ll enjoy the new tools and services from these best-in-class partners. Keep an eye out – we’re constantly adding more partners to our network, and will be sure to share the newest additions as they become available.

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  1. Christine

    I’m going to try Justuno asap. Looks good http://my.ceogolfshop.com

  2. Chad Vordem Esche

    Great to see more apps, keep up the great work volusion. I really like your site Sully, it looks great.

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  3. alex

    Wow! EZBob really thought outside of the box when brainstorming the name of their company. The other three partners did not.

  4. Nancy

    these are great partners that businesses can afford.

  5. Sully

    Nice work Volusion! keep it up..More apps the better. http://www.bombtechgolf.com


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